Batman Lamp

Written by debjoy, on October 27, 2019, last modified on October 27, 2019

I don’t think I have to introduce Batman here :P. So I am going right into the project. I wanted to create an ambient lamp for my room since I got hold of a spare led strip. The design of this lamp came from bat signal, except here, there is a halo around the bat logo.

I started of by cutting a thermocol sheet into the shape of a desired batman logo and painted it black. Then I attached a piece of thermocol to the back of that logo to make it float on the wall and allow light to come out.

I installed the led strip and tested it with an adapter. Since it was thermocol the light was leaking to the surface. So I silver foiled the back which solved the issue and in turn made the light to evenly spread. Added a knob to control the brightness. After attaching to the wall and testing it, it looked awesome!!

After a month or so, I wanted to make more out of just a light. So I planned to make the light music-responsive. I searched online for schamatics or plans to make that. This was the circuit I used for the build..

After testing the whole thing, I attached switches to switch it between normal mode or music responsive mode. Then connnected to my pc’s sound output parallel with the speaker.


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